Stephen C Cioffi

5th Year Software Engineering Student at Rochester Institute of Technology

My name is Stephen Cioffi and I am a 5th year Software Engineering major at Rochester Institute of Technology. For as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated with computers and technology and created this site as a small demonstration of my favorite projects that I have worked on both recently and over the years. I enjoy programming and always love expanding my coding knowledge! Most of my backend work is done in Java or Python and my web development work is done in JavaScript, PHP, HTML, and CSS. I am currently in the process of learning React.js & Node.js to help expand my programming knowledge.

My goal is to work with a company that can give me a challenge to solve. To me, nothing is more exhilarating than receiving a challenge and knowing that you are the one who found the solution. Most of my programming projects were built to solve a problem and I enjoyed seeing where they have ended up.

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